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Galilee Quartet

Join us on an unforgettable day at the Nicomachus Centre for Music and Mathematics in Anjara/ Ajloun with the Galilee Quartet performing a selection of Western classical and Arabic music works on Friday 31/ May/ 2024

Diverse program includes Mendelssohn string quartet Op.13 no.2 as well as Arabic works and the quartet's original compositions.

The centre will open at 11:00 am, with the concert starting at 1:00 pm.

We invite you to arrive early to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the centre and stay after the performance for brunch with the quartet.


  • Transportation is provided for 5 JOD - for reservation and additional information, call 07 9550 8838

  • All proceeds of the tickets goes to needy Alzheimer patient

Waiting for you!

Additional help with the location please call 0798578380 or 0799319941

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