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Azl Launch Event

An invitation to the Azl Launch Event

Please join Azl to celebrate our official launch and our inaugural edition.


Programming + Exhibit:

This exhibition and launch event will also function as a fundraiser for Azl, a project that has been self-funded thus far. All ticket purchases and donations are greatly appreciated. ty!!!!!

If you cannot attend due to the ticket cost, please don’t hesitate to contact us at No one will be turned away due to lack of funds :)

About Azl:

Azl is an interdisciplinary digital publication for visual art, writing, and open-source space for knowledge exchange. We’re creating an invitation to liberation as a collective effort to ask and answer critical questions about how we relate to one another.

Edition 1:

grounding / the ground / 2rdiya / 2rd / zameen / mitti / ?

Why are we planting our first edition into the connection between our feet and the earth?

We negotiate and renegotiate the world around us, culture, relationships, politics, money, freedom, time, and _____ through space.

We’re shaped by the spaces we interact with/are in/have autonomy within. Those spaces that ground us and those that uproot us, those that sink like sand or grow like soil or remain like rocks or are built then destroyed like cement. All of it.

We asked: what does that mean to you? How does it show up in your practice/work/art?

We welcomed submissions about space + freedom,




build environments



and so on.

Spaces where we are free and spaces where we are trying to be; are spaces critical to those fights.

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